25th Anniversary / World Concertina Day event

On Sunday 6th February (2.00 – 600) Chiltinas will be celebrating both World Concertina Day and our own 25th Anniversary with a playing session plus mini-workshop at Maulden (Beds) Church Hall, which should also be available online via Zoom. Attendance in either form welcomed for players of all types of concertina and standards, but please contact either John (john.mckenzie8@gmail.com) or Martin (martin_h@email.com) for full details – including access to sheet music – first. Proposed agenda for the day is as follows.

12.00 (Optional) Lunch at the George public house (George Street, a short walk from the Church Hall)

2.00- 6.00 Main session (there will also be a 2.00 – 5.00 self-help group for Anglo players)

1. Intro. A Few WordsChiltinas formation / history (Martin), Charles Wheatstone / WCD (Paul McCann). 2.00-2.10

2. Warm-up: the Jimmy Allen Set. Set No 1, played at Chiltinas sessions in early 1997 2.10-2.25

3. Part Playing: the top three in our survey a few years ago: All in a Garden GreenGeorge Tremain’s QuickstepOyster Girl. 2.25-3.25   (Reserves: A Civil Affair, Curly Headed Ploughboy)

4. Specials: Kevin Davis’s Chiltinas slipjig, my anniversary contribution Squeezing Together, and, time permitting, Tallis Canon (Round) – one of the first tunes we can trace played by Chiltinas. 3.25-4.00

5. Break for cake – a themed birthday cake, of course 4.00-4.30. Please bring your own drinks.

6. Melody only tunes: to select from Dorset 4-Hand Reel, Galopede, Man in the Moon, Shepherd’s Hey, Varsovienne, Planxty Irwin, Soldier’s Joy, Michael Turner’s Waltz, Nellie the Elephant, Last of the Summer Wine. 4.30-5.00

7. Mini-workshop on playing Morris tunes (John Warren) 5.00-6.00

8. Round off with Happy Birthday: two verses, one for Charles Wheatstone, one for Chiltinas?